• About Institute For Sports & Fitness Development

    Institute For Sports & Fitness Development established in 2005, under the aegis of non-profit siciety registered under the siciety registration act 1860, ie the society for sports and fitness development. The society solly working on promoting fitness sceince in India and abrod.

    With the propose of generating employebility in fitness industry conduct workshop seminar and courses for corporate, schools and college, house wifes and for fitness freaks.

    with extended focus on job oriented courses the aim is to provide trainers and manager for the increasing demand of the professions on the fitness industry worth rs. 7000 crore by the year 2017.

    Institute for sports & fitness development is affiliate with international academic federation japan.

    The focus of institute is to generate more employement in fitness industry. ISFD conducts regular workshop, seminar and courses for corproate, schools & colleges, house wives and for fitness freak.

    The finess industry is worth Rs.7000 crore by the year 2017. So welcome to take a seat on lying sourcer of wellness industry and earn more and more through guiding on siciety towards health.

Mr. Sumit Bedi (Hon.Director)

Dr. Anjum Padyal (Hon. Chairperson)